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Anyone remember years and years ago when I was gonna make this... dating-sim like vidjea game with diapers and stuff? Yeah? No? No... no one remembers. BECAUSE IT WAS MADE AND NEVER PUT OUT. (Whaaaat?!)

That's right. It was sitting on my old HDD forever. I was going though my old computer and noticed a weird file extension, and behold it was a full damn game. But the art is awful. Yuck. Disgusting. So now I'm going to redraw it all and actually release it!

But there's a catch, since now I have a full time job... I'm gonna have to swap out some characters, I'm going to sell my soul and offer up slots to PUT YO OC'S IN THIS GAME.

I mean, you're limited to "types" of characters of course. Theres only 2 males and 4 female choices, ranging from Tsundere to Moe Moe Onii-sama~~ type people. So It'll take a little rewording of the story and maybe some plot, but it'll work.

Now, because this means you're going to have like.. I dunno, 10-15 fully drawn, shaded, the big whoop of it all art renders in this game it's gonna cost.. oh yes it's gonna cost. But hell, place it out over a minimum of 10 fully colored things ripped into hi-res PNGs for your personal use after the game's out and hey, it might be a good deal. Hell, maybe if you pay TOO much I'll throw you into the opening scene with some animation... more than the "blink" and lame stuff like face-swap for "action effects".

But Geo, what kind of game will this be?
- Ever play a Visual Dating Sim? Like that. Theres chest-up drawings of the characters, with 3-6 expressions ranging from "normal" to more emotional, depending on the emotion-type, with "cool kids" having less emotions naturally. (They're so cool).
B-But it's fetish related, My character is wholesome...
-Well it's not gonna have hardcore scenes, I'll upload the already-made hardcore scenes of the old characters eventually, probably not redrawn, but still
Geo did you even get better at drawing? Why even redraw things, you still suck.
-This isn't a cash-grabbing scene I swear
Geo is this bullshit?
-Bid and find out.

But as of now, I will start taking offers. Starting at 20 Quatloos.


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Diapers, Sissies, Futa, Femboi... deal with it.

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umm i have a request...i know this maybe a little awkward but umm....can you make a diapered gardevoir? i love gardevoir...i was curious to see what it would look like if it was diapered. i would have drawn it but of course i suck at drawing so yeah..i mean its up to you..if you want to do it.
WhatGamersAreFor Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy Bleated Birthday! :aww:
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Happy late birthday
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!(gives you cake)
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